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Lineage – Kuo Lien Ying, Peter Kwok and Me

You cannot choose your parents, but in kung fu you can choose your style and your master. Choosing a lineage defines what you admire and what you want to become. Kuo Lien Ying Kung Fu knowledge is passed down from more »

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Cross-Training for Longevity

I have done kung fu exclusively and obsessively for long periods of time because of my fascination with the evolving skill set. However, the times I feel the best physically are when I include cross-training. Otherwise, the knees, back and more »

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Look and Move Like a Dancer

Bryon Heinrich’s innovative non-force training elongates the spine using the appendages as leverage and the floor as support. Breathing, relaxing and letting go are essential. Because the stretches are done slowly, with breath, and not forced, muscles and ligaments fully more »

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Why Herbs?

In ancient times, even before agriculture, people discovered the healing properties of the wild plants growing in their regions. For countless millennia  in China, botanical remedies have been used as part of a holistic approach. Medicinal plants were an essential more »

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Kung Fu’s Silent Training Partner

Master Cooper and her students use Amazon Herbs. Click here to see info. Herbal medicine has its roots in most cultures. Native Americans used the local flora for healing as did the ancient Greeks. In China however, the use of more »

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Spagyric processing, an ancient Greek method for extracting the essence of herbs without destroying their enzymes, keeps the whole plant’s matter intact.  When the active ingredient is isolated,  the result is often too derivative for safe consumption.  People can safely more »

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Organic, in season, local.

Organic, in season & local (find a market near you) are the three most important qualities to look for in your food. Foodies and superb restaurants abound in Northern California. This fertile valley stretching from .. to ……. produces ? more »

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