Welcome to Little River Kung Fu School!

You can find us well-distanced outdoors, masks voluntary, on Mondays, Thursdays and Saturdays at 9AM to 10:30 and Fridays at 7AM to 8:30. We meet at the Orinda Park Amphitheater or between the library and Orinda Community Center, upstairs. Email: littleriverwest@gmail.com or call 925-257-3337 for more info.

Pushing for Peace  is providing free training on YouTube consisting of short videos for confined spaces that will improve your positive energy flow and stimulate your immune system.

For over fifty years, Little River Kung Fu School has been a resource for high level Chinese Kung Fu, with students teaching in L.A., Oakland, California, Oregon, Virginia, Philippines, Nepal and China.

Tuition payments and private lessons are always affordable, starting at $125 per month, depending on how many classes are taken. ($400/mo. for 1X/wk., {if there are 5 weeks in that month, you get a free lesson!} $345/mo. for 3X/mo. and $225 for 2X/mo.) New students may also sign up through the Orinda Community Center.

For visiting, live-in students seeking short term, intensive training, use this link.

Marilyn Cooper teaches primarily in the East Bay Area of Northern California, and travels to train students in other regions.

For information on workshops for your school or lessons for yourself contact GrandMaster Cooper:  littleriverwest@gmail.com 925-257-3337

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