Welcome to Little River Kung Fu School!

For over fifty years, Little River Kung Fu School has been a resource for high level Chinese Kung Fu, with students teaching in Berkeley, Oakland, and Marin Co., California, Oregon, Virginia, Philippines, Nepal and China.

Tuition payments and private lessons are always affordable, starting at $125 per month, depending on how many classes are taken. ($400/mo. for 1X/wk., {if there are 5 weeks in that month, you get a free lesson!} $345/mo. for 3X/mo. and $225 for 2X/mo.) New students may also sign up through the Orinda Community Center.

For visiting, live-in students seeking short term, intensive training, use this link: tpn.to/pushing-for-peace

See calendar for details. Marilyn Cooper teaches primarily in the East Bay Area of Northern California, and travels to train students in other regions. For information on workshops for your school contact GrandMaster Cooper at: littleriverwest@gmail.com  or by phone: 925.257.3337

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  1. Fiwaza says:

    Hi my name is Fiwaza, i’m looking for martial arts instruction that would suitable for my needs. I have systemic lupus & very aggressive onset rheumatoid arthritis, I also have both my hips replaced. I am looking for something that would theraputic. If you could please let me know if you offer any programs like that. Thank you for your time.

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