Basic Postures

Northern Shaolin stances are the foundation training for all other styles of kung fu, internal or external. The range of motion will make it possible to perform any other style of Far Eastern Martial Arts.

Here are the eight basic postures, with a few variations. They are presented as they appear on the rotating platform: Horse, Bow and Arrow, High Lotus, Low Tiger, Empty, Rooster, T’ai Chi, and Unicorn, Lotus and Low Lotus.  You can hold each position or drill them in a row, continuously. Once the postures are memorized, basic kicks, punches and leg sweeps follow.

Training in the eight basic postures provide the leg strength and agility for all the other styles of internal Kung Fu – T’ai Chi Ch’uan, Xing Yi, and Bagua, and any of the many external styles – Preying Mantis, Monkey, Hung Gar, Choy Li Fut, White Crane, Wing Chun, etc …

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