Retreat Seminars

In person instruction under Sifu Marilyn Cooper begins in January, 2024 and is year-round. Three and Six Day training is available for students who want to learn the Peace Games, The Peace Partnership Project, Kung Fu Basics, Taoist Mediation and Breath-work, Taijiquan Basics and Push Hands. Beginners Accepted. Here are your links to sign up with Tripaneer:

Our beautiful apartment accommodates training partners or individuals. All meals include Paleo, Low Carb, Vegetarian or Vegan options that are organic, fresh, in-season and local. We stay hydrated with spring water, organic herbal tea, coffee or Pu Erh. The trailhead to the ridge for hiking is across the street. Small group classes are included with your daily private lessons.

Fees: For lessons and accommodations: 3 days for $456 (or $627 with meals), 6 days for $1040 (or $1382 w/meals). Numerous restaurants and markets (Thai, Mexican, Chinese, Japanese, Safeway, and a Starbucks) are within a few blocks. For training partners, take off 10% from total.  A non-refundable 20% reservation fee is required to book your stay, with the balance to be paid upon arrival.  Travel Allianz or TravelGuard (purchase when you book your flight) comes highly recommended in case your flight is cancelled. You can reschedule your retreat, using your original deposit.

To find out more about the kung fu taught at Little River, and the recommended cross-training to preserve the longevity of your practice, click on the links below.

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