Organic, in season, local.

Organic, in season & local (find a market near you) are the three most important qualities to look for in your food. Foodies and superb restaurants abound in Northern California. This fertile valley stretching from .. to ……. produces ? % of the food for the whole country … and we get it first! Therefore, we should be the healthiest, strongest most vigorous people in all of America. In fact, what I have seen of the “locals” — people who have grown up in the Bay Area — is that they are generally more fit and vigorous than their counterparts back east. The mountains, the bikes, the hikes, the giant love of the outdoors and nature here have indeed spawned a sub-group of incredibly fit people.

Many food movements have proliferated — raw foodists, vegetarians, vegans, locavores, wild-crafted vs farm-raised, whole grain based diets, diets from Zen Buddhist monasteries, ethnic foods of all racial extractions … It is hard to know what diet is optimum for energy, longevity and health.

I have a lot of preferences based on many years of experimentation with what foods and herbs produce the best feeling of health and strength. The basic diet to which I try to adhere and favorite recipes are guidelines for students who want to experience peak performance consistently.

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