Look and Move Like a Dancer

Bryon Heinrich’s innovative non-force training elongates the spine using the appendages as leverage and the floor as support. Breathing, relaxing and letting go are essential. Because the stretches are done slowly, with breath, and not forced, muscles and ligaments fully extend, without tearing or snapping back.

Bryon’s inventive and brilliantly constructed method effortlessly strengthens the deepest inner muscles that support the muscular-skeletal frame. The point of origin for each stretch or strengthening move is explained so you never grip with the wrong muscle groups, preserving the precious lifetime of the back and spine. You feel as if you have new spacers between your joints, and that you have exchanged your tired, old body for a brand new fresh one!

This training is highly recommended for dancers who want to dance into old age, for people in need of quick recovery from high impact sports or exercise, for people with joint pain and weakness upon standing (the whole session is accomplished while lying down) or for anyone who wants to “look and move like a dancer.”

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