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Bone Loss, Osteoporosis, Depression, Menopause and Tai Chi Therapy

Emerging medical research indicates that an ancient health therapy may be the prescription for the future. Increasingly the menopausal problems of hormonal imbalance, often resulting in bone loss, are also affected by depression and stress. Change is stressful for all more »

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Orinda News Article, February, 2010

A newspaper article about t’ai chi ch’uan written by Marilyn Cooper. Feb’10-Orindanews

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Qigong Forms

Qigong forms practiced at Little River ~ 1) Yi Gun Gin 2) Bar Dun Gin 3) Yi Ch’uan 4) Standing Meditation, or “Posting”, or the Universal Post posture 5) Chakra Balancing, or Brain and Bone Marrow Washing Three basic breathing more »

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Why Herbs?

In ancient times, even before agriculture, people discovered the healing properties of the wild plants growing in their regions. For countless millennia  in China, botanical remedies have been used as part of a holistic approach. Medicinal plants were an essential more »

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